“Home again, home again, jiggety-jig”

What the Heck is Going On

Hi, I’m Michael Hodge and this site is for my film making stuff. At some point I started using the term “rewiredgeek” as a username on social media. I was reading a post-cyberpunk short story collection called “Rewired” and I am a geek so it just came out. After a while I realized that if you Google ‘rewiredgeek‘ then you find a lot of stuff I’ve done online and then realized I had accidentally branded myself. But accidental branding is still branding so I went with it.

Looks like I need to have a list of things I’ve done and links to the videos so I can force you all to watch my stuff. I’ll get that done soon enough and then you can suffer through my “Student Films” and whatever else I put up here.

The interesting part is that I’ve been a part of a few projects mainly short films and web content. I like to focus on directing but I’ve done a lot of editing and camera work too. I’ve written fewer projects but spend more and more time as a producer. It’s like if you have a small project you have to do all of the jobs you don’t really want to do since you’re not going to pay someone to do them for you. So I get to learn how to be a producer too.

That’s really all this site is for; to show the world the work that I’ve done and that I’m doing. So don’t expect much more than a video gallery.

“Mike Hodge is one of the best and brightest guys I have ever worked with on a production. His creativity and eye for bringing a production to life makes him a very wonderful asset to have on any production. I would work with Mike on every production if I could.” – Nickolas Nielsen