Video Gallery

I’m going to try to collect just about everything I’ve worked on here (that actually got to a finished state). Most of these are films done through the Seattle 48 Hour Film Project, some are student films while I was at Seattle Film Institute, and a few are just independent projects initiated by me or others. Enjoy if you dare.

Hallow Ian Horror Hour: Breaking News with Van Vidal

Writer / Actor (and Producer, Sound Recordist)

Hallow Ian Horror Hour – 2023. Worked with Tapped House TV, and On The Fence Productions on four Halloween Specials that aired on Seattle Community College TV (and Youtube). I mainly did set sound (Hold for room tone) and wrote and acted in this short skit. Here are all Season 1 episodes.

How to Kill a Pisces

Director of Photography – 2023 – 48 Hour Horror Film Project

A killer obsessed with the Zodiac (but not the Zodiac Killer) has abducted a group of strangers to push their behavior towards or away from their Astrological signs with Deadly effect.

Used the BMPCC 6K and much of the equipment listed on this site.

The Games We Play

Producer, Director, and Editor – 2023 – 48 Hour Film Project

A D&D game has lost one of its members, but can the group survive their secrets.

Team “On The Wire Tap” – A mutant assimilation of REwiredGeek, Tapped House TV, and On The Fence Productions like the creature from John Carpenter’s The Thing.

The Swap

Producer, Director, DP, and Editor – 2019 – 48 Hour Film Project.

In a climate devastated near future PNW, a family must send their daughter to work at a fish processing facility to pay for conversion of their old car. While the daughter is excited, do they really know what she will be in for when she leaves?

This was a test of having a small crew and using the Panasonic HVX200 as the camera.


Director of Photography – 2019 – 48 Hour Horror Film Project

The Nature of Things

Producer, Director, Editor – 2016 – 48 Hour Film Project

A man must endure his partner’s family’s wacky holiday. But can he when the family dirt comes out.

Guitar and Cube

Producer, Director, DP, Editor, Screenwriter – 2015

A father and son struggle to communicate. Can they find common ground through music and puzzles?

This was a also a test of using a GoPro Hero 4 modified to use c-mount lenses and a Schneider-Kreuznack Beaulieu-Optivaron 6-66mm F/1.8 Zoom lens as the main camera.


Producer, Director, Editor – 2016 – 48 Hour Horror Film Project

A father tries the unthinkable to get his comatose daughter back. But has he gone too far in his mad quest for redemption?

Protecting the Family

Associate Producer, Director – 2015 – 48 Hour Horror Film Project


Director of Photography – 2014 – 48 Hour Film Project

TV Boy

Director of Photography, TV Head Props – 2012

Shot on 16mm film using Arriflex 16 ST